DiBi Milano

Welcome to the Advanced Technology of Skin Analysis

Give your skin the accuracy it deserves.

The DIBI Milano Advanced Skin Analyser uses the very best in modern technology to produce an accurate and detailed Skin Score and Skin Age reading.

The DIBI Analyser performs a scan of the skin using bio-impedance and ultrasound technology which creates sound waves with alternating currents that penetrate the tissues and lipids in the skin. The scan takes approximately 10 seconds.

A series of images are then taken under multiple light conditions. The Analyser will measure the amount of water, oil, collagen and capillaries there are in the skin. Once identified, those measurements are then analysed and a score percentage is given for collagen, wrinkles, smoothness, hydration, elasticity and sensitivity.

You have the option to receive a copy of your skin report which allows you to keep your own personal record of your progress.

We recommend repeating a new skin analysis every 3 months. This will enable us to track your progress, review your treatment plan and make adjustments accordingly, if and when necessary, to ensure you continue to receive optimal results.

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It provides precise and reliable information on the type and degree of facial imperfections, to indicate the best personalised treatment programme.