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Welcome to Venus Health & Beauty

After the completion of my Masters degree in e-commerce I worked as an IT professional for several leading corporations. While progressing through my professional career, deep down I always knew that my real passion was for Health and Beauty. In February 2010, after 5 years in the Corporate world, I made the leap of faith and pursued my passion and dream by establishing Venus Health & Beauty Ltd. I did this with a very clear mission – “To actively nurture and promote beauty to improve people’s sense of well-being.”

My time in the beauty industry has enabled me to build a wealth of experience. I am a certified practitioner in laser Intensed Pulse Light (IPL) and have accomplished various diplomas in specialist treatments. I have gained qualifications that are recognised by leading world class bodies. I have a thirst for knowledge and am constantly updating our service offering with the most innovative treatments and procedures. One of my main areas of expertise is around skin correction and the corresponding treatments that enhance your natural beauty.

Client care and customer satisfaction is my number one priority. My client base consists of people of all ages and from all walks of life. I have been very fortunate to build a very loyal client base where the majority of my clients are personal referrals from existing clients. I take great pride in the service I deliver. I always aim to ensure that my clients feel at ease and are comfortable with their treatments. My job is extremely rewarding and it gives me immense satisfaction knowing the treatments that I have provided have contributed in restoring someone’s confidence and made a positive difference to their lives. Everything pivots around listening to my clients and really understanding their concerns and requirements. It is extremely important that I align to their expectations and deliver what they want to achieve. Seeing improvements and positive changes in my clients is the driving force behind my business. Come give us a try and experience the unrivalled customer care and service at Venus Health & Beauty.

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