Venus Health & Beauty is an official stockist of Heliocare advanced anti-aging UVA & UVB protection products and creams. Endowed with beneficial properties of fern-block, the Heliocare range of products has the ability to provide superior sun protection for your skin all year round. The range is designed for all skin types and there are a variety of products to choose from.

Dr Janka is our skincare corrective line, it is a pharmaceutical product range based upon scientific studies ultimately neutralising the skins pH balance. The products are rich in active ingredients and help all skin types with specific skin conditions or areas of concern. We recommend a consultation with our skincare specialist who can advise you accordingly and tailor your skincare package.

Dibi Milano is Italy’s number one professional skincare brand. With over 40 years experience at the leading edge of dermi-cosmetic research and innovation, Dibi Milano offers a full range of clinically-proven, cosmeceuticals face and body treatments, formulated according to its acclaimed seven star beauty method.

This results-driven Dibi Milano range uses a synergy of active ingredients in every formulation to ensure fast, safe and reliable results.